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Employee integrity survey and role

What is a background checkPre-employment investigation is a way to verify the authenticity and objectivity of the identity information, employment information, education information and criminal record provided by the applicant under the premise of obtaining the consent and authorization of the interviewee.Pre-employment investigation is an important risk control method in human resource management, which can minimize the loss caused by improper employment, and cultivate employees" dedication and credit consciousness. Guangzhou weiwo for the third party professional survey companies can provide an objective and fair pre-employment survey report, for your investment to bring great returns.The role of background checksA standard employee background check procedure can dramatically improve business productivity because it can:¡ö reduce turnover¡ö improve employee ethics¡ö improve overall staff quality¡ö reduce training costs¡ö reduce recruitment costsAt the same time, it can:¡ö reduce fraud and internal risk¡ö reduce hiring errors and resulting lawsuits¡ö reduce litigation at the organizational/corporate level¡ö reduce the company"s reputation investment¡ö ensure compliance with industry practices and domestic and international regulations, such as ISO 9001, c-tpat and special recommendations of the financial measures working group (FATF) (anti-money laundering)¡ö reduce the risk of sabotage and infiltration by individuals or groups.

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Employee integrity survey and role
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