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The performance of sme credit survey

First, the credit investigation system is poorly developed. China"s central bank loan registration information system for small and medium-sized enterprises credit reporting work has just started, commercialization of the growing degree of the enterprise credit system are fairly low, financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprise"s credit investigation has bigger subjective and one-sided, credit data block is prominent, collection and coordination of credit reporting data backward technology, reference data to the market price of depressing demand for credit information data product.Second, the credit evaluation system of smes is underdeveloped. Lack of specialized authoritative credit rating agencies, only some accounting firms or auditor firms undertake the credit rating function in part according to the practice requirements, and the government authorities have few means of rigid constraint on them.Third, the credit guarantee system of smes grows slowly. The small and medium-sized enterprise credit guarantee company established in recent two years is facing difficulties in business operation due to its small capital scale, weak government support, insufficient communication with Banks and enterprises, and too high guarantee charges.Fourth, smes credit service tool system is not perfect. Credit tools for small and medium-sized enterprises are very limited, financing channels are single. In addition to the traditional loan financing in the money market, it is difficult for smes to get involved in the acceptance and discount business of commercial bills, and the development of credit instruments such as letters of credit, packaged loans, and export trade is insufficient. In the capital market through the issuance of stocks, bonds and with the help of industrial investment funds or venture capital funds and other credit instruments, the threshold is high.

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