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Business investigation status, credit investigation verification.

Business research category of personnel credit checks, generally refers to the cooperation with enterprises and institutions such as economy, stakeholders, competition and trade related legal representative, shareholders or other natural person"s identity, the verification of credit situation. The work in the personal credit system and improve the comprehensive economic developed countries, it is simple and quick, efficient and accurate, but in China, due to reasons known to all, the establishment of personal credit system has just an exploratory steps, if you want to achieve perfect complete, still must over time, in the meantime, personnel identity, credit verification, need according to the current actual situation, seek truth from facts of rigorous and meticulous investigation work.
Personnel identity, credit verification content including but not limited to: name, address, id number, academic record, work experience, the marriage registration, family situation, legal representative, registration, the shareholder registration situation and criminal penalties, litigation records, vehicle registration, real estate, entry and exit record, accommodation, communication situation, Banks" assets, financial stocks related to personal information, such as information, registration and record data.
In economic cooperation and trade interaction activities, research firm over the identity of the relevant personnel, credit verification work, the regular safety control program is to prevent commercial fraud, in mainland China, due to the special system and mechanism, social structure and social development process, personnel identity, credit check there are several characteristics.
A person has two id Numbers.
During a particular period, some people because of changes in the study or work, household register corresponding produced change, the household registration management institutions receive to issue a new id card number to any changes during current year, for the computer management system is a big trouble, while the corresponding management agencies will no longer allow this to happen, but has the dual identity number of phenomenon constitutes a fait accompli, the fait accompli will accompany the lifetime of these people, and these conditions exist in major cities, it is frequent background investigation area.
Lack of record
After the reform and opening up, the original management record system is missing or missing, and the new system has not yet been established or not connected with the database, resulting in a large number of blind spots. Such as some people have remarried, the household registration or unmarried, there are some people who are in different cities to bring three copies of marriage certificate (in marriage duration), at the same time have three wife gave birth to three children, three children the same name, but can happily for a long time for the parties to conceal the truth.
Fake identity
Fake identity is the old trick liar, in the practice of pretending to be President of the United States childe is silly, but in China as princeling is a smart move, in particular, with a green card or a foreign nationality identity, more realistic. Fraudsters impersonate a wide variety of identities, military personnel, government officials, public prosecutors, film and television crews, etc. Fraudsters often use the information opaque system to disguise identity fraud.
No legal representative.
Some companies in the "legal representative" far away in the plow land, never hope to become a company of my own boss, more do not know which owns his own company, the actual operation of the company are rarely useful show their real names in people, the company for the implementation of fraud after the "retreat" laid a solid foundation, has added a lot of obstacles for verification. It is a common countermeasure for fraudsters to prepare for the deceitful person, not to show their true face.
Economic cooperation and exchanges related personnel of verification of personal identity, credit, is a routine, it is very necessary business survey, in the safety control of the business, have the effect of otter.

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